How To Permanently Getting Rid of Bed Bugs After Travelling

We wanted to write up a guide to educate you on the possibility of getting bed bugs while traveling. This happens to millions of travelers around the world every year. It should not stop you from enjoying the beautiful world which we live in, but you should be able to have a solution just in case you did get bed bugs on your travels.

We discovered a very discreet and safe product used by many top resorts, pest management professionals and health facilities which not only killed bed bugs, but also would have a residual which would prevent these pests to infesting your bags or even your home or room. Green Bean Buddy, bed bug killer has been receiving amazing reviews as it was already being privately used in resorts. Then upon great reviews, they decided to renew license agreements and offer to other health facilities and hotels. 

So rather then layout the entire process, Green Bean Buddy has an excellent guide on how to get rid of bed bugs permanently.

In summary, you will want to do the following important steps.

  1. Inspect The Entire Area. 
  2. Treat The Entire Property, Not Just One Room
  3. Re-Treat Just In Case


The most crucial part of getting rid of your bed bug problem permanently is to ensure you did a full inspection. We found that Green Bean Buddy has a well-versed staff who collaborated with pest professionals who are using their products.

In fact they have wrote in-depth protocols to follow to ensure you do a full inspection on your own. These same procedures are being used by staff in resorts, and health facilities when treating with Green Bean Buddy, bed bug killer.

Treating The Entire Area…

Don’t treat just one room. The bed bugs can migrate on people, baggage, and thru light switches. Its best to treat your room with a safe non pesticide. This way hyper-sensitive guests can stay in the room without any worry.

But it’s key to treat the area around the infestation. Also treat clothing and baggage too. 

Re-Treat Just In Case…

In most cases, you will treat the female egg laying bed bugs. But then about a week later you will find some more bed bugs. This may be due to the hatch-lings that recently hatched in the nests which you may have missed. 

The best thing to do is keep a cycle treatment which you treat every 7 days. What is fantastic about Green Bean Buddy, bed bug killer is there is a residual which was lab tested. This mean the product will continue to kill bed bugs and prevent future infestations. This was actually why so many resorts used this bed bug killer and in our opinion may be the best way to get rid of bed bugs entirely.

Bed Bugs can be a painful problem, yet there are natural solutions like Green Bean Buddy that you can spray and treat your property doing it all yourself. It’s quite a unique formula that is naturally derived and contains no harmful pesticides. A perfect bed bug treatment for hypersensitive guests. The product is a non-odor product and smells clean.

Be sure to read over their guide and let us know if you have questions. We posted this as there was concerns coming from our readers about pests. So we wanted to share a solution to make sure you check your bags for any unwanted guests.